Installation and Design of Outdoor Showers

Stand Alone Outdoor Shower

There are two kinds of outdoor shower and one of the most basic is the stand alone. Stand alone showers are the less expensive ones usually made out of polyvinyl chloride. They are portable which is perfect if you are the kind of person who loves to camp out. To use the shower, you simply need to attach it to a hose and the shower will already be operational.

Wall Mounted Outdoor Shower

Another kind of outdoor shower is the wall-mounted shower. This is more fitted as an addition to our home since they will be permanent. Usually, wall mounted kinds are cemented beside the pool. Wall mounted or also known as permanent showers tend to be more expensive since it will be harder to install and the materials usually used are stainless steel. Although more expensive, the wall mounted kinds are more durable and more reliable since they are installed directly into your home.

Design and Installation of Shower

The design of the shower can really be a great addition to the overall exterior of a home. Simplicity is always a good basis of design. Pair up your shower with contrasting design of exterior towel rack, housing for shampoo and soap and you already have a great landscape design.

Installation can be very crucial. If the drainage of your home is not properly done, there will be a lot of wasted water. The most common problems are cracked or bucked tiles aside from the poor drainage system. For the setup of the actual shower, simplicity comes into play with just a simple concrete base or a tiled wall and base combined with a shower head and faucet. You also have the option to install a water heater to go along with your shower.

Privacy Concerns

One of the major concerns people face with outdoor showers are their privacy. This can be addressed typically by creating a small fenced-in area where you put up your shower. Building a shower enclosure is the most common as they are pretty straightforward to build. If you are not a build it yourself kind of guy, then you can buy ready-made shower cubicles. There are companies that sell shower enclosures that range from $600 to $1,500 depending on the design and size of the shower enclosure.

Final Thoughts

Installing your own outdoor shower can have a lot of advantages for you and your family especially if you maintain a pool in your house. Don’t be afraid to try out different designs that best fit your home and be as creative as possible.